Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Try REV-X reverb

New REV-X algorithms are pre-installed to your PM1DV2, PM5D, PM5DV2, M7CL, LS9, and DM/0 VCM series. Yamaha add-on program is also available to some of other consoles to install Rev-X.
Try different characteristics of those reverb programs.

The following is from our "Add-on Effect" brochure:
"These reverb Add-on Effects employ the latest “REV-X” algorithms first introduced in Yamaha’s SPX2000 Professional Multi Effect Processor. The REV-X programs feature the richest reverberation and smoothest decay available, based on years of dedicated research and development.
REV-X Hall, REV-X Room, and REV-X Plate programs are provided, with new parameters such as room size and decay envelopes that offer unprecedented definition and finer nuance control. The REV-X Hall and REV-X Room programs have a very open sound, while REV-X Plate delivers a brighter tonality that is ideal for vocals. All models deliver dense, warm reverb that does not interfere with the natural timbre of the source."

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