Friday, May 30, 2008

Patch ES network audio virtually

How can I patch audio in ES network without devices?

When you run ES-Monitor without your devices connected, you don't see anything in the program window and cannot add a device to it from the program.
But ES-Editor can do it.

1. Install ES-Monitor software downloaded from AuviTran web site.
2. Run ES-Editor software came with ES-Monitor and add devices which are going to be used in the project to the network in the order of the physical connection. (Upstream --> downstream)
3. Save it to a cfg file.
4. Run ES-Monitor and select Offline Mode. ([Command] -> [Switch Offline Mode], or Ctrl+O)
5. Load the cfg file to the ES-Monitor software.
6. Patch audio routing and check its validity.

Then, when you have the system connected, the cfg file can be loaded to ES-Monitor program and downloaded to the devices to achieve the setting.
Don't forget to save the information to non-volatile memory on the devices.

Port number for DME-N Network Driver

I need to use my firewall software. Which port needs to be opened for DME-N Network Driver?

The TCP/IP port that DME-N Network Driver uses for communicating on the Ethernet network is 12300.
So if it's in the case that you cannot stop the whole firewall software so that you need to specify the port number used for DME network communication, punch a hole in the firewall port number 12300 to let the DME/M7CL/LS9 traffic through.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Let your cursor free

If you are a big fan of navigating the PM5D or PM1D with the cursor keys, these tips may help you.

PM5D Owner's Manual p28:
"To move quickly to the outer edge of the current window or to a different window, hold down the [SHIFT] key and use the CURSOR keys. You will move from the scroll window in which the cursor is currently located, in the direction of the key you pressed."

In the Patch screen, the [DATA] encoder moves the cursor horizontally.
When you hold the [SHIFT] key and turn the encoder, the cursor is moved vertically.
Please put the mouse cursor outside of the patch matrix. If it is in the area, your red box cursor will be moved to a box with the mouse cursor after closing a confirmation pop-up.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Compatibility between the firmware and the PM5D Editor program (PM5D)

I got a PM5D with an old version of the firmware. Which version of PM5D Editor should I use?

(From the PM5DV2 Editor download page)
"Use the editor with the supported firmware that you can find following table. Using under unsupported combination may cause data corruption that can result unexpected behavior. If a failure occurred, turn it on pressing [STORE] key on the panel, and then select INITIALIZE ALL MEMORIES to restart it normally."

"The files saved on the later version editors or consoles can not be loaded to those of earlier versions."

We always recommend that your console has the latest firmware which can load any version of a data file to it.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

YSM (DAF) file cannot be opened

In some cases, after several Windows Update, YSM file for the Studio Manger V2 or DAF file for the DME Designer cannot be opened by double clicking it. And it shows a pop-up like the right.

It is not a problem because of a file failure or a compatibility issue between the program and the data. File type registration of the OS was not managed correctly.

By the way, YSE file for the Editor software cannot be opened by double click. It needs information of Studio Manager (its host software) to start up and to be opened from the "Open..." menu of the Editor software.

Here is the procedure to solve the problem. This is about the Studio Manager but the procedure is same for the DME Designer.

1) Select "Folder options" in the Tools menu of the explorer, and "Folder options" dialog box will open.

2) Click the "FileTypes" tab.

3) Select the "YSM" from the Registered file types list. ( It is easy to access YSM by pressing "Y" key on any list. )

4) Click the Advanced button, and the "Edit File Type" dialog box will open.

5) Slect the "open" in the Actions area, and click the Edit button, and the "Editing action for type" dialog box will open.

6) The "Application used to perform action" area should be as follows:

C:\Program Files\YAMAHA\Studio Manager\SM2.exe %1

Enclose the above strings within double quotes as follows:

"C:\Program Files\YAMAHA\Studio Manager\SM2.exe" "%1"

If the Action area is blank, input "open".

7) Close all dialog box.

Monday, May 12, 2008

A posting guideline for our contributors here

Please use the tags for a post at Trainers On The Road following with the guideline below.

1. For info from a class and a group picture
2. For a group picture
For pictures from our friends (not Yamaha or our tour staff)
For pictures of our staff (YCAS, YCJ, etc.)
For any pictures of pets
For info about restaurant (could be a tour story too)
For our tour story
For a news from Yamaha
Just a guideline for size of a picture. A target of its file size is about 100k~200kB.
  • Group picture of the class: 1024 width x 500-768 height
  • Friends and staff: 800 width x 533 width (aspect ratio = 3:2)
  • Story: any (640~800 width would be ok)

Selecting the next channel in the Channel Name screen of M7CL

What is a quick way to navigate the selected channel to the next with the Channel Name screen of my M7CL?

You can press the TAB button to switch to the next channel.

Friday, May 9, 2008

The most popular request in our class

A request we have in every class is "SENDS on FADER in Studio Manager".

Yes, we knew you wanted to request this at the class.
We have been talked about this with Yamaha Japan for a long time. Honestly, we don't know if it will happen or not. But anyway we will keep discussing about this and other requests from you with them closely.

One computer can be on-line with a M7CL/LS9

How many computers can communicate with my M7CL or LS9?

Those consoles have an Ethernet port for their Editor software connection. Two or more computers can be on the network, but only one computer with the Editor software can be on-line with the console at a time. Another computer will be able to be on-line with the console after making the first computer off-line.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Fader calibration

Faders on my console have chattering (vibrate when they are moved with a scene recall). Do they need to be serviced?

Usually, friction of a slider will be changed after running the console for several months, which depends on usage, environment, frequency of scene recalling, etc. Or the faders might have much dust inside. These may cause overshooting of fader position control. Please try Fader Calibration function of the console before contacting Yamaha service.

Please don't use any contact cleaner. It will remove special contact grease in a fader and make the situation worse.

(PM5D) While holding down the [ENTER] key of the panel, turn on the power of the PW800W power supply. Select "CALIBRATE FADER POSITION" and follow the instruction in the screen.

(M7CL) While holding down the SCENE MEMORY [STORE] key of the panel, turn on the power. Press the FADER CALIBRATION button and follow the instruction in the screen.

(LS9) While holding down the [SCENE MEMORY] key of the DISPLAY ACCESS section, turn on the power. Move the cursor to the FADER CALIBRATION button and press the [ENTER] key.

Friday, May 2, 2008


AVM500-ES is a very powerful device for ES network as a 320 x 320 matrix router.

I designed a large SR system with this device today. Yes, it is powerful but the setup could be complicated a bit. You need to understand its concept correctly.

The owner's manual is available at AuviTran website.
Please take a look if you are planning to design EtherSound audio network system.

Application Guide

Yamaha released two application guide for installation market, broadcast and production market. Please take a look.
Get your copy at the Download page, a trade show, or our seminar (pdf on the CD).

- Broadcasting and Production Guide
- Installation Guide

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Error on the synchronization

The Editor software shows an error on the Re-synchronization process.
My computer and the console are on-line but doesn't complete the process.

Please use the latest Editor software and the latest firmware of the console.

Please check version of the Editor software and the console. There is a combination between the Editor software and the firmware to make them run correctly.

When you update the firmware of the console, please check if there's updated Editor software to download, or not.