Monday, May 12, 2008

A posting guideline for our contributors here

Please use the tags for a post at Trainers On The Road following with the guideline below.

1. For info from a class and a group picture
2. For a group picture
For pictures from our friends (not Yamaha or our tour staff)
For pictures of our staff (YCAS, YCJ, etc.)
For any pictures of pets
For info about restaurant (could be a tour story too)
For our tour story
For a news from Yamaha
Just a guideline for size of a picture. A target of its file size is about 100k~200kB.
  • Group picture of the class: 1024 width x 500-768 height
  • Friends and staff: 800 width x 533 width (aspect ratio = 3:2)
  • Story: any (640~800 width would be ok)

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