Tuesday, July 15, 2008

192 channel input on PM5D system?

What is the largest number of input channels the PM5D system may have?

192 channels = four PM5D(-RH) uni-directionally cascaded
  • Only the last console (Console D in the illustration below from Owner's Manual p.226) has audio mixed from every unit.
  • Some of functions, such as Scene Recall/Store, DCA, and Mute group, can be linked but no total remote control from one console to the others. Which means you need to go to the console to change the parameter.
  • Needs enough space to put them all....

144 channels = one PM5D(-RH) and two DSP5D bi-directionally cascaded
  • Every unit may have audio mixed from every unit (bi-directional audio flow between the three)
  • Just one control surface to control all of those 144 input channels
  • Most of the functions are linked to offer an easier operation experience with an integrated 144 channel system instead of with three 48 channel systems.
  • Smaller footprint. Furthermore, the DSP5Ds could be setup on stage.


David said...

so in exampe 1, is each console not sharing buses?

and in example 2 the systems are sharing buses??


Shaun "MANNY" Kamiya said...

Hi David,
Bus sharing is configurable in both the systems. Please check the Cascade screen (Owner's Manual p.226).

So, you can share buses in ex1 and you don't need to share them in ex2. With the factory default, they will be all shared, though.