Thursday, June 5, 2008

Mono Fader as Mix16 Master Fader

I'm using MIX16 as sub woofer send. Can I use MONO fader for its master level control?

A similar trick as "CUE LEVEL ON A FADER" on page 5 of M7CL Short-Cut List can be used.

There is no software short-cut for doing this and to achieve this you need a MY card (eg MY8-AE installed to Slot 1) and break-out cable. (This gives you input delay, too!)
Here is a way to configure this on M7CL:

1. In the Selected Channel screen of MIX16, patch the MIX16 output to a Slot outputs, eg Slot 1-1. (Select MIX16> “push-click” any encoder> touch PATCH grey square.)

2. Physically connect Slot 1-1 output to Slot 1-1 input using your breakout cable.

3. Patch the Insert return of the MONO Master to Slot 1-1 (Select MONO> “push-click” any encoder> touch INSERT grey square.)

4. Switch on the INSERT for the MONO masters, and check the INSERT POINT is PRE ATT if you want to use both of the channel EQ on MIX16 and MONO.

5. Patch the Output port of the MONO Master to OMNI14 (Select MONO> “push-click” any encoder> touch INSERT grey square.)

6. Connect the Sub amp to OMNI 14.

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