Friday, March 28, 2008


What is "AUTO STORE" function?
(for PM1D and PM5D users)
The Auto-store function enables you to press the "STORE" button twice and directly store the information into the scene you are working on. If the key is depressed only once you will not store information into the scene you are currently working on.
(Find this option in PM5D PREFERENCE1 screen, or PM1D PREFERENCE screen)

Note 1 (PM5DV2 Owner's Manual, p.91)
"Note that if the STORE CONFIRMATION button is turned on in the STORE/RECALL area of this PREFERENCE 1 screen, a window will ask you to confirm the Store operation even if Auto Store is enabled. If you don’t want any windows to appear, turn off the STORE CONFIRMATION button as well."

Note 2 (M7CL Owner's Manual, p.126)
"You have the option of making settings so that the Store Confirmation dialog box does not appear (→ p. 198). In this case, pressing the SCENE MEMORY [STORE] key once will display the SCENE STORE popup window as usual, and pressing it once again will execute the Store operation.
Alternatively, you can rapidly press the SCENE MEMORY [STORE] key twice to store without seeing the SCENE STORE popup window."

M7CL doesn't have Library linked to a Scene Memory and it doesn't need the "AUTO STORE" option. LS9 doesn't have [STORE] key on the panel, but when you assign the Store function to one of the User Defined Keys, the key behaves in the same way as the M7CL STORE key does.

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